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steve caprio


Steve Caprio stands as a globally renowned figure, celebrated for his achievements as an award-winning graphic designer, marketing expert, consultant, serial entrepreneur, and High Times Business Summit Branding Expert. Beyond his professional accolades, Caprio is a fervent advocate for justice and social reform, with much of his artistic and professional endeavors aligning with the pro-cannabis movement.

For nearly three decades, Steve Caprio has left an indelible mark on snowboarding culture, music, and the cannabis industry. He made history as the inaugural artist sponsored by Skullcandy Headphones, resulting in the development of his signature series pair. Not confined to the visual arts, Caprio's musical contribution includes the song "Hotbox The Planet," featured on a Wu-Tang compilation, which soared to #6 on the Top 25 Online Radio charts.

Caprio's impact extends into the realm of cannabis events, as he organized Southern California's first-ever cannabis-permitted event, featuring the iconic Jack Herer. This groundbreaking initiative paved the way for future events such as the Cypress Hill Smoke Out and Cannabis Cups. In the 90s, Steve's 4/20 stickers and Got Weed? shirts became a ubiquitous presence in smoke shops across the United States. Notably, he served as the creative director for the Santa Ana "Vote Yes on C" campaign, advocating for the legalization of cannabis, a successful effort that marked a milestone in the movement.

Steve Caprio's influence is not limited to a single industry, as he has undertaken creative leadership roles in various projects for distinguished brands. From developing the Neff Headwear mobile game featuring Snoop Dogg to contributing to projects for Cheech's Stash, Jurassic 5, Mammoth Mountain, The Improv Comedy Clubs, and more, Caprio's creative touch has left an indelible mark. His binding design for Ride Snowboards achieved a remarkable sell-out when they were #2 globally.

In addition to his diverse ventures, Steve Caprio owns, a top-rated cannabis promotional tool provider, and is the inventive mind behind the patented Knife Scoop – a testament to his entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to innovation. Available, with his other products, at - Through his multifaceted career, Steve Caprio continues to shape and influence the world.

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